General Terms and Conditions, IT Contracts, Hardw. & Services., Hosting, ASP, E-Commerce and E-Business, Employee and Adviser Contracts, Media and Copy Right, Online-Contracts, IT Labor Law, Internet and Domain Right […]

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Data Privacy Law

Advertising and Data Protection, Order details processing, Order details processing, Cloud Computing, Video Surveillance, Protection of Social Data, Medical Privacy, Church Data Protection… […]

Protection Of Industrial Property

Trademark research, trademark registration, brand strategy, confusion, utility models, industrial designs, contradiction, reminder, cease and desist, trademark litigation, trademark cancellation, compensation and right to information […]

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External IT Safety Administrator

Every company using information technology (IT) should appoint an IT safety administrator. The main task of the IT safety administrator is to advise the company management with regard to the IT safety and to support the latter […]

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External Data Protection Officer

We undertake the task of the external data protection commissioner for mid-sized companies from 200 to 10.000 employees from different branches. At the beginning of the acquisition of the function […]

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IT Projects

Project monitoring, performance specifications, milestones, IT contract review, contract negotiations, change management (change requests), waterfall model, loss, migration, testing and production use […]

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