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We offer you goal-oriented, solid and practicable solutions in all matters of data protection and IT law, media, copyright and trademark law, e-commerce as well as Internet and domain law. Furthermore, we are distinguished by many years of experience in the area of IT labor law, in the preparation and review of IT contracts of any kind and the implementation of IT projects.

The combination of law and information technology is becoming increasingly important, since technical processes must be optimally regulated from a legal point of view. In particular, the “social media”, globalization and rapid technological progress (e.g. artificial intelligence) present companies with major legal challenges.

We create synergies of information technology know-how and legal expertise. On this basis, we can legally acknowledge the facts or the question, advise you goal-oriented and well-founded and present a tailor-made solution for you, saving time and money. You receive a consultation “from a single source” from a specialized law firm.

The law firm Costard was founded in 2003 by Thomas P. Costard. The lawyer and computer scientist primarily looks after with his team medium-sized companies and large industrial companies that operate as well nationally as internationally.

In addition, lawyer Thomas P. Costard external data protection officer and data protection consultant for well-known companies in various industries. We offer comprehensive data protection management (as external data protection officer or external consultant) for your company. These include for example the maintenance of the website or the establishment of works agreements.


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The law firm is located in the south of Nuremberg. How to reach us can be found here: To Contact