Our philosophy is to provide comprehensive, effective and efficient advice to companies in all sectors and institutions of the Catholic and Protestant churches on all questions of IT law, data protection and IT security. In doing so, we individually address the internal circumstances, as well as the needs, ideas and wishes of the client within the framework of the legal requirements. A practice-oriented, understandable solution that is accepted by employees and managers is important to us.

IT law and data protection law are cross-cutting issues. This means that the technical facts must first be prepared in order to then evaluate them from a legal point of view. This requires technically savvy, technically trained and interested lawyers. Close cooperation and coordination with the client on the mostly very technical issues ensured the implementation of tailor-made solutions for the client.

New technologies such as B. IT applications with artificial intelligence (AI), the collection of biometric data and the use of drones require scientific work by lawyers on these topics and the development of previously unknown and new solutions. This requires expertise, creativity, experience and a certain willingness to take risks.

In IT law and data protection law, it often happens that solutions have to be found that are neither legally regulated nor specified nor decided in case law. In these cases, it is sometimes necessary to coordinate with the responsible supervisory authority. Our law firm enjoys a high reputation with the supervisory authorities for data protection. This applies both to the secular supervisory authorities and to those of the Catholic or Protestant Church.

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