Our philosophy is to advise your company, regardless of whether small, medium-sized or large companies, whether club or private individual in all data protection and IT-legally issues and questions comprehensively and reliably. In doing so, we individually address the internal circumstances as well as your needs, ideas and wishes within the framework of the legal requirements. By designing a solid, workable solution that is tailored specially to your business, we always keep an eye on time and costs.


In particular, in data protection law, it often happens that solutions have to be found that have neither been regulated by law or have not been decided in the case law. In these cases, coordination with the competent supervisory authority is often required. Our law office enjoys a high reputation with the supervisory authorities in Germany. This applies both to the secular supervisory authorities and to the Catholic or Protestant Church.


Empathy and expertise is also in demand, for example, when it comes to regulating company agreements (eg e-mail / internet usage or handling mobile devices) between the management, the works council and the employees. In addition to these qualities, we distinguish ourselves through our assertiveness and readiness for our clientele.


Our lawyers are regularly educated in legal and information technology terms and have the claim on themselves to constantly optimize themselves and their work results.


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