Our clients are mid-sized businesses which retain us to clarify judicial subjects, to work out IT contracts, general terms and conditions and other agreements in the range of hardware, software and the Internet. Furthermore we work out corporate guidelines (Policies) and council agreements in the range of IT law/DP law, telecommunication law and data protection law.


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Since the data processing issues are of interdisciplinary matters it is required that the commissioned attorney can provide competent legal knowledge as well as consolidated IT knowledge. Only with this, the legal acclaim of the facts can map the exactly existing problems over the information technology.

Since Attorney Thomas P. Costard has practical IT experience and combines both specific fields, that means the information technology as well as the IT law, he can advise his clients in a competent, interdisciplinary and aim-oriented way.

Furthermore synergies can be built and costs can be saved since the issues of information technology as well as of the IT law will not be processed by two people but will be implemented by one specialized attorney. Another advantage is that the IT practicing expert and attorney can evaluate technical and organizational processes of the company faster and can react to questions of the company’s management and the IT responsibles fast and aim-oriented.