Protection Of Industrial Property

Trademark research, trademark registration, brand strategy, confusion, utility models, industrial designs, contradiction, reminder, cease and desist, trademark litigation, trademark cancellation, compensation and right to information, protection of scripture, unfair competition, …

When starting a business, product development and establishment on the market, the management should think of a strategic approach and examine to what extent the company‚Äôs name and the company’s products can be protected by the registration of trademarks in the Federal Republic of Germany within the EU or worldwide.

For this, a trademark research must be conducted to determine whether rights of priority rights holders, and whether the proposed brand name is confusingly similar to the trademark of another company. Furthermore it has to be checked whether the registration of the trademark application conflicts with obstacles, such as whether the brand name is purely descriptive and therefore by the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) rejected as ineligible for registration. Furthermore, besides the relative grounds for refusal absolute grounds for refusal can also exist that prevent the entry at the German Patent and Trademark Office.

As a part of the trade mark application it must be examined and discussed with the client, for which services the label should be registered. Having special services, specific goods and services must be covered by the needs of the company. An accelerated examination may be requested at the DPMA to expedite the processing of trademark registration at the DPMA. After registration of a trademark, a design or utility model, the copy rights should be monitored and the deadlines should be extended. In attacks by third parties on the rights of our clients, we examine the prospects of the claims and defend the claims of opponents, such as cancellation of the mark. In addition, we deposit in the various jurisdictions, a protective scripture to defend claims made by opponent. We advise you for the reservation of domain names and the publication of works in the paper for title protection notices.

The performances of the legal firm following services include:

  • Implementation of a brand research (identity research, similarity research)
  • Registration of a trademark for the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Registration of a brand image for the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Registration of an EU community trademark
  • Application of an International Registration (IR) at WIPO
  • Creation of the necessary goods and services directory
  • Processing of appeals against the goods and services directory
  • Legal assessment of the prospects of a trademark registration
  • Legal review and assessment of risks relating to infringement of existing industrial property rights of third parties
  • Registration of designs