Internal Data Protection Commissioners

Our law firm supports internal data protection commissioners by clarifying legal questions about privacy and the creation of for example contracts, policies, operating systems and user agreements. Furthermore, we provide training for internal data protection commissioners or employees of the company.

The services of the law firm in providing assistance and training of internal data protection officers in particular include

  • Creation of directory of processing activities
  • Advice on preparation and implementation of data protection training
  • Preparation of contracts for the data processing according to Art. 28 GDPR
  • Clarification of specific issues in the areas of customer data protection, human resources and payroll, hospitals, call centers, software companies, telecommunications service providers, industry, commerce, banking, insurance
  • Support for data protection injuries according to Art. 33 GDPR
  • Creation of data protection guidelines and data protection concepts
  • Advice and assistance in accordance with the controller controls according to Art. 28 GDPR
  • Assistance in the preparation and implementation of controls of regulators
  • Advice in publications of personal data on the Internet and intranet and printed material (for example staff’s newspaper)
  • Advice on the use of video surveillance systems
  • Creating operating agreements for IT and telecommunications usage, e-mail and internet usage, log analysis, access control, video surveillance and mobile storage media
  • Creation of organizational systems and user instructions
  • Opinion on different data protection issues, such as monitoring the e-mail and Internet usage, Google Analytics, Google Street View, etc.
  • Consulting for data transmission within the EU and in third countries outside the EU, especially EU-standard-contract- clauses and agreements for the data processing
  • Formulation of agreements
  • Creation of privacy policies and imprints for companies