Employee and Adviser Contracts

The cooperation between different companies or the intervention of subcontractors requires detailed regulations for the exchanged company and business secrets and for the work results developed during the cooperation. The industrial property rights of the work results have to be set before the cooperation starts so that after finishing, there can be no discussion about who can use the working results from the common project to what extent. Here, it is to recommend to define and fix contractual regulations of the rights and the duties of the contractual partners for the success of the project and for the avoidance of discussions afterwards.

For the protection of the cooperation between different companies, the law office draws contracts up, negotiates them with the contractual partner and accompanies the client up to the contract version that is ready to be signed for .

  • Projects
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • Cooperation for software development
  • Secrecy of company intern and business secrets
  • Subcontractors