IT Contracts

The services of the law office include the preparation of different IT contracts, especially contracts like the following:

  • Purchase of software, software licenses
  • Rent of software,
  • Leasing of software,
  • Working out of software (Individual software),
  • Escrow of software (Escrow Agent),
  • Maintenance of software,
  • Application-Service-Providing (ASP)
  • Open-Source-Software
  • Distribution of software via Internet
  • Purchase of hardware
  • Rent of hardware
  • Leasing of hardware
  • Complete hardware maintenance
  • IT framework regulations
  • Service levels
  • IT system delivery
  • Outsourcing
  • Contract of the computer center
  • Sales agent for hardware
  • Sales agent for software
  • Authorized dealer for software
  • Wholesale dealer Hardware
  • Software as OEM

We support you in contract negotiations, we check the suggested contractual changes by your contractual partner and we accompany you until the final version of the agreement is ready to sign.