Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The safe and data protection compliant use of private terminal equipment for operational purposes is a challenge for both employees and the company itself.The use of staff’s private terminal equipment provides further risks for the company which need to be avoided by appropriate precautions by the latter.The information about possible threats, which may occur when losing privately used terminal equipment containing operational data, is in the foreground. In this context, there are measures to be adopted that reduce the damage to an absolute minimum in case of a loss of the terminal equipment. Already when deciding whether private terminal equipment may be used for operational purposes, measures being adopted on the usage of operational data, on the technical security of data transmission and arrangements about the access privileges, are bases for a data protection compliant use of private terminal equipment.Concerning the data protection compliant realization of BYOD, we offer an extensive consultation and give a helping hand.Referring to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), we offer the following services:
  • Review of the legal risks when using BYOD
  • Giving you a hand in the decision-making process on using BYOD
  • Requirements on the technical organizational data protection according § 9 FDPA
  • Keeping the trade and business secrets when using BYOD
  • Deletion of operational data when applying BYOD
  • Failing of the data deletion and resulting consequences
  • Accidental deletion of staff’s private data
  • The right of the company to access the contents on private terminal equipment
  • Legal expertise on the usage of BYOD
  • Data protection trainings on the usage of private terminal equipment in the company
  • Preparation of a works agreement on the usage of BYOD