Cloud Computing

Providers of IT services allowing companies to draw on perfect IT processes, enjoy great popularity. Generally speaking of Cloud Computing, we differentiate between IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), containing the provision of computing power and storage space, PaaS (Platform as a Service), the provision of development platforms, and SaaS (Software as a Service), containing the usage of a software application via internet.When drawing up an agreement, it is necessary to arrange the relation of the contracting partners according to the respective interests and to legally protect the latter to avoid a multitude of possible problems. For the fact that many service providers of Cloud Computing are located in non-European countries, necessary additional arrangements for the obeying of regulations on data protection will be checked and written by the law firm.Furthermore, present risks and threats when using services in the area of Cloud Computing will be discussed with the contracting partners, pondered, and minimized if possible.From the planning and realization following the entrepreneurial needs to the signing of the necessary contracts, our law firm accompanies and services you in all legal matters for a successful and save usage of Cloud Computing services.Concerning Cloud Computing, we offer the following services:
  • Legal valuation of the usage of Cloud Computing for personal data
  • Selection of the applications and type of personal data for the Data-Cloud
  • Selection of the appropriate Cloud providers together with the Cloud user
  • Keeping of the technical organizational measures in Cloud Computing
  • Encryption and deciphering of data and access to encryption keys
  • Legal protection of the Cloud Computing through preparation and signing of the necessary contracts on data protection, e.g. arrangements on order details processing and EU standard contractual clauses
  • Apps for the usage of data Clouds on mobile terminal equipment (smartphones, iPads) and the legal positioning of the latter