Data privacy in social networks

The increase in multimedia influences and the need for constant communication in our society are driving the growing popularity of social networks.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, XING, etc. are used across the board in both private and professional life.

The constant expansion of the possibilities of social interaction allows any kind of data (texts, images, videos) to be posted, exchanged and shared. From a data protection perspective, however, expansions and changes to the options offered also harbor dangers and increasing responsibility for providers and users.

The integration of social networks into websites, blogs and apps by means of “social media plugins” such as the “Like” button from Facebook or the “Share” button from Google+ is becoming increasingly popular and makes responsible use of social networks indispensable.

For website operators who decide to integrate social media plugins, it is therefore advisable, in addition to implementing an imprint, to prepare a data protection statement tailored to the use of the plugins and to make it available online.

Companies are also recommended to introduce regulations for their employees that clearly define the handling of social networks and private e-mail and Internet use in order to thus exclude possible risks in a legally secure manner.

Our law firm can advise you comprehensively on possible risks with the appropriate expertise and provide you with legal protection when implementing the necessary measures for a data protection-compliant handling of social networks.


We can offer you the following services in particular regarding the use of social networks:

  • Preparation of a legal opinion on the use of social networks based on the legal requirements (in particular, the DSGVO, BDSG)
  • Legal advice on the analysis, evaluation and transmission of users’ personal data
  • Legal advice on the disclosure of personal data and data protection law awareness
  • Legal assessment of terms of use for social networks
  • Preparation of terms of use (TOS) for social networks
  • Creation of the required privacy policy and imprint
  • Privacy compliance through settings in the user’s profile
  • Support in deactivating profiles and deleting data (right to be forgotten)
  • Legal advice on measures in the context of applicant management via social networks
  • Legal and technical advice on setting up profiles for companies, organizations and institutions
  • Legal and technical framework for own social networks in the company, organization or institution
  • Advice on the development, hiring and implementation of own mobile apps in the company, organization or institution
  • Drafting of consents and declarations of commitment under data protection law
  • Drafting of a company agreement, company guideline or service agreement on the use of social networks by employees
  • Creation of a work and organizational instruction (OA) for the use of social networks by employees
  • Creation of handouts and training materials for employees on how to use social media
  • Conducting classroom training, webinars and video training on how employees use social networks in companies, organizations and institutions
  • Consulting in the area of IT security in social networks
  • Case law on the publication of information in social networks
  • Liability for posts, blogs, chats, etc. (limits of “Stoererhaftung” (Breach of Duty of Care))