Drones are referred to in the professional field as “Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)“. Drones enjoy great popularity in the sports and leisure sector as well as in professional applications. The use of drones is an integral part of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and for industrial applications drones have enormous development potential. The use of drones will increase enormously in the next few years. Therefore, the legal framework for a responsible and justifiable use of drones must be created and adhered to. If you are planning the development or the use of drones for individual projects or permanently, we can support and advise you in particular on the following topics:

  • Procedure for the granting of operating permits
  • Approval of exemptions from operating permits
  • compliance with third party rights
  • Drones with powerful photo and video technology
  • Drones in use for advertising and image films
  • Protection against misuse of the collected image data
  • Employee data protection during drone deployment
  • Technique design for drones
  • Copyright, copyright of the designer of buildings
  • Dangers and defenses when using drones
  • Economic espionage, use as illegal means of transport
  • Limits of state and civilian drone use
  • Violation of legal facts (damages, fines, prosecution)
  • Use of drones by security and law enforcement agencies
  • Insurance options for the use of drones
  • Legal requirements for the production and distribution of drones
  • Standardization and DIN standards