There are many services that enable a geotagging of the residence of the user. The so called geotagging can take place via the allocated IP address by the internet provider or via the mobile communications network. Finding out the position of an internet or mobile phone user can be very attractive for a company for it can be used for advertising or for the preparation of movement profiles. Locating possibilities like GPS or site-specific services in mobile communications (Location Based Services) allow a registration of place and time of the mobile phone depending on the cells of the mobile telephone service provider. Such locating possibilities are meanwhile used in various areas, e.g. for navigation systems or for emergency call locating systems of rescue coordination centers. However, this technique is also used by employers to track the employees and therefore it is used for surveillance purposes. Hence the question arises in what way such information is bound to data protection. Companies should therefore first find out what needs to be noticed when a usage of such locating techniques is planned.In the area of geotagging we offer you the following services:
  • Report concerning data privacy on the usage of geotagging
  • Technical organizational measures when using geotagging
  • Application of pseudonymization and anonymization in geotagging
  • Preparation of a works agreement on the usage of geotagging
  • Consultation on the data privacy compliant usage of geotagging
  • Consultation regarding data protection on the usage of geotagging for company cars, forklift trucks, mobile phones, and monitoring (movement profiles)