media and copy right

The field of law of media and copy right law encompasses many matters of life and must therefore be taken into account in a forward-looking manner by authors as well as by exploiting rights of use. For new ideas, projects, in particular for start-ups, it must first be checked whether all the necessary rights to use content are available and whether these have been clearly defined in the respective contracts and without any doubt of interpretation.

Furthermore, remuneration agreements between authors, musicians, directors and their authorized users, in particular publishers, music and film companies, must be transparent and comprehensible. This means the calculation bases and actual uses must be demonstrably documented.

The forward-looking planning and legal regulation of the necessary rights of use avoids misunderstandings, bad mood, failure of the projects and subsequent legal disputes. Therefore, involve a specialized lawyer in a timely manner, this means before starting the project or launching your portal or website.

We can advise you in the following areas and support your project:

  • Broadcasting, broadcasting and youth protection
  • Telemedia Law
  • Press and expression rights
  • Telecommunications Law
  • Social media – legal and technical aspects
  • Sound and image rights
  • Copyright, copyright infringement
  • Defense against warnings as well as examination of omissions
  • Publishing law and ancillary copyright
  • collecting societies
  • Trademark, Trademark and Domain Law
  • Film and television contract law
  • Music Law
  • Public procurement law and media
  • Media Law and Sport