Social Data Protection

Social institutions, e.g. old people’s and nursing homes, KITAS, child and youth welfare institutions, advice centers, etc. collect, process and use a large amount of personal data. Much of this data is particularly sensitive and must therefore be treated confidentially under data protection law.

In the area of social data protection, there is an extensive exchange of data between social institutions and government and private agencies, e.g. other institutions, family doctors, psychologists, social workers, schools, parents, youth welfare offices, pension offices, law enforcement agencies, etc. The authority to transfer data to internal and external agencies must be carefully examined in order to avoid social and economic disadvantages for the persons concerned.

We offer the following services in particular for social institutions:

  • Implementation of data protection in social institutions
  • Preparation of the required data protection documents
  • Data protection at reception, discretion zone, waiting area
  • Data protection during contact with relatives
  • Data protection during administrative intake (data collection, documentation)
  • Mail distribution and mail withdrawal
  • Data protection requirements for persons in charge (psychologists, educators, pedagogues)
  • Power of attorney lists for contact persons of children
  • Data protection at interdisciplinary team meetings and supervision sessions
  • Release from confidentiality and documentation
  • Social secrecy, data secrecy and telecommunications secrecy
  • Consent management (wording of consent with reference to right of revocation)
  • Publication of photographs of children and employees, lists and therapy plans, in the social facility
  • Data protection in the facility (filing cabinets, file trolleys, tidy desk, desktop lock, access authorizations, printer, copier, shredder, data garbage can)
  • Data protection in the office of the facility management, psychologists’ and educators’ rooms, and in group rooms
  • Data transfer by telephone in compliance with data protection regulations (calls from guardians, family doctor, youth welfare office, Federal Employment Agency, cost units, etc.)
  • Statutory powers of disclosure to family doctor, youth welfare office, guardians, health insurance companies, pension insurance company, Federal Employment Agency, psychologists, police, public prosecutor’s office, courts and school.
  • Behavior in case of child welfare endangerment, child welfare officer
  • Data protection in appointment scheduling, access rights to appointment calendars
  • Creation of a deletion concept in compliance with the retention periods for files and handwritten records
  • Data protection with modern media, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Data protection requirements for apps and social media (Signal, Threema, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, etc.)
  • Data protection in client documentation in paper form (file) or as an electronic file
  • Technical and organizational data protection in social institutions
  • Data protection-compliant destruction of paper and data carriers
  • Data protection requirements for video surveillance (monitoring and recording)
  • Data protection training on social data protection (classroom training, webinar, video training)
  • Collection, processing and use of personal data by external service providers in the context of commissioned data processing
  • Data protection on the social institution’s website (privacy policy, imprint)
  • Data protection requirements on the intranet (birthday lists, photographs, anniversaries, trainees, etc.)
  • Data protection for print products (employee newsletter or info)
  • Assumption of the function of external data protection officer for social institutions
  • Training and consulting of internal data protection officers of social institutions