Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

The radio frequency identification (RFID) denotes a microchip technology that allows it to touch objects without direct contact. These chips are scanned and powered by means of radio transmission technique. The received data, e.g. on products, can be transferred automatically to a downstream IT system. This technology can be seen as a supplement to the bar code technology known from labels or imprints on groceries and consumer goods. Furthermore it is used in access controls and anti-theft devices, on store cards or in the car industry for immobilizers. Critics here fear that with the increasing spread of RFID, personal data might be – possibly unnoticed and without consent – collected or rather linked with objects. In the extreme case, usage profiles or movement profiles might thus be derived. Therefore, data security and the protection of the right of informational self-determination are important topics with respect to the realization of this technology.Our services in the area of RFID are as listed below:
  • Report relating to data privacy aspects when using RFID
  • Checking of the technical organizational measures when using RFID
  • Preparation of a works agreement on the usage of RFID
  • Guaranteeing the deletion of the collected personal data
  • Information about the collection of data and data linkage when using RFID
  • Consultation on the application of pseudonymization and anonymization when using RFID
  • Consultation regarding the data privacy compliant usage of RFID