Video Surveillance

The surveillance via optical electronic installations is becoming more important, especially video surveillance in companies. There are many different motives for companies to monitor specific areas in the company via CCTV.Considering a possible infringement of the right of informational self-determination and further data protection codes, for the evaluation of the admissibility of a video surveillance it is necessary to check each surveillance measure on its lawfulness. This takes place in the context of an extensive consideration between entrepreneurial interests on the one hand and the interests worthy of protection of people affected on the other hand.Besides the existence of a concrete necessity of the surveillance measure, the suitability, the necessity and the reasonableness are to be checked and identified. Furthermore, the checking of necessary rights of co-determination of existing staff council is an obligatory legitimacy precondition.Another necessity is the regulation about the handling with piling data and the saving of the latter. Both the access and the range of the processing need to be settled unambiguously. Depending on the concrete used technical installations and their functional range, the additional methods of analysis being used and the retention periods for personal data need to be arranged in a data protection compliant manner. We advise you on the use of optical electronic installations in your company.We offer the following services in the context of video surveillance:
  • Data protection compliant arrangement of surveillance equipment
  • Preparation of a legal opinion on planned surveillance equipment
  • Controlling of the technical functions of the fixed and movable video cameras
  • Checking of the possible consequences through video surveillance in the context of data protection
  • Inspection and acceptance in the context of data protection of newly installed surveillance equipment
  • Carrying out and documentation of the necessary prior checking
  • Acceptance of the co-determination of the staff council
  • Consultation regarding the data protection compliant access and saving of personal data through video surveillance equipment
  • Preparation of a works agreement or service agreement on video surveillance
  • Preparation and performance of data protection trainings on video surveillance